Fish Hoek Taxi Rank

Not knowing your way around an area can be quite stressful. We hope to make your travels less of a daunting task by providing you with information on how to travel.


Fish Hoek – Masi : R15

Fish Hoek – Ocean View : R15

Fish Hoek – Ocean View (House Call) : R30

Fish Hoek – Muizenberg : R18


All passengers pass there money to one person in there row. The person takes all payments for his row and passes the money forward. When passing the money on be sure to tell the fellow passenger how many passengers payments you have and if you require change.

Longbeach Mall

To get to longbeach mall you should catch an Ocean View taxi. The taxi requires at least 2 people headed to the mall in order for him to make the trip. If there is not enough people to make the trip the driver will drop you to the top of longboat road and you are required to walk the rest of the way.


House Call: Driver drops you at your house. I have only heard this on taxis headed to Ocean View.

Back Seat: The money that I am giving you is for everyone in the back seat. There are normally 4 people on the back seat.

No Change: I do not require change for the money I am giving you. You do not need to ask the passenger how many people are traveling.


1 no change : I am paying for one person and do not require change.

3 : I am paying for 3 passengers, it is unclear wether I require change.

Backseat R5 Change : I am paying for 4 passengers and need R5 change.

2 and 1 house call: I am paying for 2 people and one house call

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