Why Is The Valley Community Website Down

The “Valley Community” website is a privately maintained resource and is not hosted in any cloud service. This provides better security and self sustainability because the website is hosted inside the valley. This does however come with its challenges, here is a few reasons why the “Valley Community” website may be down.

Load Shedding / Power Outage

Since the website is hosted locally a power outage will cause a loss of power to the server. The laptop that the server runs on does have a battery backup to protect the components from failure however it is not designed to keep the server running during load shedding.

Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity is required to make the server publicly accessible. I have a Frogfoot Fiber line with Vodacom and have seldom had problems with the internet. In the event of a power outage I am unable to connect to these services.

I Broke Something

The server is privately maintained and although I take regular backups, I am a bit trigger happy about bring new updates. I try my best to keep redundancy’s in place so that the server experiences minimal downtime.

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