Terms of Use

External Use

This website connects you to different community groups. Each group or platform may have its own set of rules, it is important to take note of the rules as well as the groups visibility(Public or Private Group).

Data and Collection

This website collects as little data as possible. We do however need to verify that you are a member of the valley. This server has no redundancy, so data loss is a strong possibility. I will try to keep a backup of the forums and business directory but sometimes shit happens.

Don’t Be A Doos

I believe in free speech, everyone should be entitled to there own opinion but it should be dealt with in a civilized manner. Hate speech will not be tolerated on any of our public forums.


groups and services are run by individual members of the community and do not necessarily reflect the views of the people.


Please take note of each group or community’s privacy policy. Do not add members to any community groups without there consent. By accepting the Terms of use you agree to the following data to be used for administration or communication purposes. I will do my best to verify the authenticity of each member however I will hold no liability for bad actors.

  • Full Name (Public)
  • Area (Private by default used for administration purposes)
  • Email (Private by default used for administration and communication purposes)